Time is the utmost importance. Our lives are set by time, run by time and dictated by time. Suffice to say time is of the essence. But then there are ways to gain mastery over it. It is how we work, how we manage the aforementioned time, how we utilize it for the maximum benefits. At Doreen Tower Agrabad, we all bring you work spaces designed to maximize your time. We will bring you premium portal through incorporating safety, efficiency speed and luxury into one seamless environment.

neighborhood in your area is wonderful

Touch of perfection

Location + _

Plot  83 | Agrabad Commercial Area | Agrabad | Chittagong

Efficiency + _

Efficiency maintains an equilibrium so that no losses occur in everyday functions. Everything is designed to work as it should. Flawlessly.

Amenities: + _
  • Secured gateway with front and rear two way entrance.
  • 24/7 security coverage with all security functions.
  • A luxurious lobby and reception area with marble floor and granite cladding on wall and concierge desk.
  • Exclusively furnished visitors waiting area with visitors toilet and branded coffee corner at Level-2 with separate café elevator so designed that any tenant leasing the entire building can convert this floor into office spaces.
  • Main staircase with marble exudes elegance and adequate lighting and exquisite artificial waterfall to enhance corporate gravity.
  • 95 car parking or the office in own basement and at nearby annex building with public address system.
  • The building’s sub and super structure are adequately designed considering every loading every loading precision along with wind speed and earthquake factors.
  • Quality of construction materials is backed by standardized tests as per Bangladesh and International building codes.
  • Planned fire exit staircases on opposite sides of the building.
Safety + _

Our designs ensure the peace of mind as you will go about your work allowing more focus while removing distractions.

Speed + _

Our inspiration comes from the concept of speed. We design with care so everything will operate without lapse. Our systems will be seamlessly integrated to function without interrupting your flow of progress.

Comfort + _

We design a spacious free flowing work space so that everything will not just happen as it should, but will happen in a way that pleases the senses. After all, why should function reign supreme when form can also coexist.

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