Doreen Maritime Management Ltd. (DMML) is a subsidiary of Doreen, registered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. DMML is headquartered at Walsow Tower, 21 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

The scope of services for this company is to operate coastal vessels, also known as barges or lighter vessels (which operates between the coastal areas and inland water territories) and protocol vessels (which operates under a special treaty between Bangladesh and West Bengal, India).

We are operating DMML using our own resources and technical expertise. All our vessels are well-equipped and certified by the Director General, Department of Shipping.

Our vessels carry dry bulk cargo like edibles (grains and legumes), fertilisers, as well as industrial raw materials (clinker, limestone, gypsum, aggregates, coal, fly ash, etc.).

Apart from catering to the demands exclusively for Doreen’s multi-dimensional businesses, DMML also leases out the coastal vessels to prospective charterers based on contractual arrangements.

As of 2022, DMML has a fleet of generous amount of vessels with capacities ranging from 1,500-2,500 tonnes.


Continuously enhance our strategic position with safety in order to become an efficient and sustainable maritime company by creating value for our stakeholders.


Provide a diverse range of environmentally conscious tailored maritime solutions in order to ensure high-quality service delivery.


Commercial Management

We take pride in streamlining commercial shipping activities for each client by maximising vessel earnings and offering different charter options for shipowners to benefit from each vessel. As chartering is the backbone of commercial management, we employ a strong network of charterers, to develop the most feasible commercial strategy.


We continue to build a strong portfolio of services with our wide network of partners. Our team of professionals guide the clients through a maze of challenges, requirements and transactions in a number of fields. Most importantly, this includes financial consultancy and risk assessment.

Chartering and Operation

This involves leasing out a ship for an agreed period of time at a set rate. The shipowner-operator essentially hands over commercial management to the charterer who performs the voyage(s).


Other Concerns